Produkty Armatrac



• Original English Perkins engine (intercooler/turbocharged)
• Nominal power: 110KM, 102 KM, 92 KM, 76 KM
• ZF transmission
• Gears: Front-Rear 16x16 with reverse
• Power Shift
• Triple pneumatic trailer brake system
• Air conditioning in standard equipment
• Electro-hydraulic system (EHR) - Bosch
• Pump capacity: 60l
• Comfortable cabin with thermal glasses
• Ballast: 500 kg in standard version
• PTO speeds 540/1000; 480/750E – electro-hydraulic start
• Fuel tank capacity: 110l
• Radial tires (standard)
• Tractor weight: 5050kg
• 8 quick release couplings
• Front drive – electro-hydraulic lock
• 2 year warranty
• 4 WD in all models

Quality of Western components!

Since June 2012 CRYSTAL TRAKTOR  is main importer of Armatrac tractors of Turkish company Erkunt. Armatrac tractors have the powers between 50-110 HP and have rich and interesting equipment. These tractors have original English Perkins engine, adhering to current emission regulations. ZF transmission and rear axle assure 16 speeds forward and backward with the use of 4 gears and one change of speed under the load without the clutch and the field-road gear reducer. Change of driving direction is done by the reverse with ceramic clutch. Maximum driving speed is 40 km/h. Wet disc brakes indirectly on four wheels. Lift with a high lifting capacity has a suspension with hook endings, controlled electrically by Bosch (HER) system. Hydraulic system is equipped with 8 quick release couplings and independent oil tank and hydraulic pump. Carraro front axle is controlled hydro-statically and enables wide and easy turn. This tractor has professional single or double pneumatic brae system with water separator and heater. To assure operator’s comfort, cabin is equipped with ergonomically situated elements that control the functions of the tractor, automatic A/C and thermal glasses. Cabin additionally has adjustable rear and side glasses. Switching of the front drive, axle lock and PTO (4 speeds) is done electro-hydraulically. All the switching of different tractor’s functions, i.e. front drive, PTO. Axle lock and every element of the lighting is signaled with the corresponding controller, beside the speed of PTO shaft is displayed digitally. In standard version, tractor is equipped with the set of front and rear ballasts, set of hitches and front and rear working lights. Due to large and well-balanced weight, tractor works really great with all kinds of machines adjusted to its power and rich standard equipment guarantees the ability to couple it with every agricultural and municipal machine.