Produkty Crystal Traktor


Road tractor corresponds the specification of agricultural tractor and it’s compatible with all the municipal and road devices. Road version can be equipped with warning bar, informing it’s “Road Service” or other. As standard tractor is orange, but per customer request it can also have different colour. If customer requires special order, the tractor could be additionally equipped with elements used for special tasks.

  • Tractor equipped with the engine of 227-286 HP, six cylinders, turbocharged, adhering to emission regulation EURO IIIB
  • Effective power control system
  • Semi-automatic Power Shuttle transmission and Power Shift, six gears with quadruple ratio under load with creeping gears reducer
  • Front axle traction control system
  • Electronic change of driving direction forward-backward
  • Main clutch – wet, multi disc or hydrokinetic turbo clutch
  • Lift controlled electronically by BOSCH
  • PTO shaft 540/ 750/1000/1400 rpm
  • Three-point linkage Waltersheid cat. III or IV – 10,5 t
  • Single- and double pneumatic brake system
  • Comfortable, suspended cabin with A/C
  • Suspended front axle per request