Produkty Crystal Traktor



The road - rail vehicle replaces standard maneuvering locomotives.
It is adapted to pull and push wagons with diferent hitches.
Construction of the vehicle provides high functionality with low operating costs.

When operating the vehicle the train driver’s skills are not needed - only the driving license, possibly the maneuvering training - when the wagons are             fastened up.
The vehicle has road homologation which entitles it to move on the public roads and also the Office of Rail Transport admission certificate.
The vehicle may operate at low rail radius and at rail gradient of 2% - when the rail is surrounded by concrete sites the gradient may be increased.
Automatic steering system applied on roads and rails.
The blockade of all the 4 wheels enables setting of and braking of wagons set.
Entering and descent of the rail track is possible in all conditions however it is advisable to use hardened or concrete sites.
The vehicle is very easy to operate after the short operational training.
The vehicles has the following brakes: railway, for 4 wheels and parking brake.
It is permissible to tow and push 1 or more wagons without connecting railway brake.
It should be remembered to keep the minimum speed.
The whole vehicle is constructed from high quality materials and subassemblies additionally the cabin has a great visibility.
The chassis is made from laminates which are resistant to corrosion and temperature.
The maximum weight of the vehicle together with ballast - up to 12 tones which ensures an effective operation
at the side rails in all the conditions.
The load (ballast) according to customer needs.

Technical specification:

  • Engine 116 kw (158 HP) - Common Rail, six cylinders
  • Torque 677 Nm
  • Gear box 40/40, driving speed from 0,3 km/h to 40 km/h
  • Efficient air conditioning and heater
  • Automatic steering wheel blockade while driving forward
  • Railway lights - increased front lights
  • Warning lamps on both sides of the roof
  • Electronic change of driving direction front - rear
  • Cabin RAIL type (homologation for 2 people, there is an entrance of each side of the vehicle)
  • Hydraulic system for lifting and lowering of guiding rollers
  • Automatic system of permanent pressure onto the guiding rollers which minimizes the possibility of derailing at the irregularities of the tracking and junctions
  • Coupling adjusted to Scharfenberga link and SA-3 hook (delivered by the ordering party)
  • Warning signals according to railway requirements
  • Guide rollers to lead the vehicle on the tracks
  • Lifting system of driving wheels (tires) at the heights of 10 cm during being driven and stoppage, which enables to pass by railway devices placed at the tracks
  • Guiding rollers system enabling to rearrange them at the range of 1435 - 1520mm (at the customer’s request)
  • Brakes of the railway wagons together with efficient compressor and air cylinders of 400 l
  • Front coupling system - bumpers absorbing the force of the strokes and the “pin” to couple on UIC wagons hitch
  • Comfortable draining and drying system of pneumatic brakes
  • Tires - special industrial reinforced with netting - resistant to damages
The vehicles has the road homologation which qualifies it to be used on the public roads.
After sales service is made at the customer’s.
The vehicles is equipped with the steering system that can be used at the rail and tram rails thus putting it in the special offer for the users of rail vehicles.