Produkty Crystal Traktor


  • Tractor equipped with the engine of 158 - 193 HP, turbocharged with intercooler, adhering to emission regulation EURO IIIB.
  • Semi-automatic Power Shuttle transmission, six gears with quadruple ratio under load with creeping gears reducer
  • Electronic change of driving direction forward-backward
  • Main clutch – wet, multi disc
  • Lift controlled electronically by BOSCH
  • PTO shaft 540/1000 rpm
  • Three-point linkage Waltersheid cat. III – 9,2 t
  • Single- and double pneumatic brake system
  • Comfortable cabin - heated with A/C (option)
  • Set of covers protecting tractor’s chassis
  • Cabin’s rear window cover, roof railings
  • Extra backward driving system (tractor reverse)
  • Operator’s rotational seat
  • Front three-point linkage and PTO per request
  • Special forest tires per request