ORION 160 - 190

Superior components for high dynamic

  1. Engine SISU 160 - 193 KM
  2. ZF drive components
  3. Hydraulics BOSCH

Comfortable cab with air conditioning and amortization as standard

Company history


About us


Crystal Traktor company with the registered seat in Sieradz is a tractor manufacturer that uses engines from 136 to 270 HP under the trade name CRYSTAL ORION. It is
also the manufacturer of spare parts for the agricultural tractors.

The company operates on the local and international market. Our tractors work
in Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Republic of Macedonia, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Crystal Traktor machines include modern technological solutions that ensure a great effectiveness and work economy, adhering to the environmental standards at the same time. Due to the modern machine park and specialized technologies’ application of special technologies, Crystal Tractor company is able to achieve the highest customers’ demands.

The company was established in 1983 and at the very beginning it produced spare parts for industry and agriculture. Next years brought constant development
and special technological solutions, what made Crystal company the biggest private manufacturer of spare parts for agricultural tractors in the 90s. The company was selling spare parts with eighteen branches all over the country and also cooperated with dealers and large warehouses either in Poland and abroad. Currently, we still produce spare parts such as gear box, front and rear driving axles components, clutches and hydraulic pumps. Generally,
we produce eighty-five hundreds pieces of different spare parts and tractors components.

In 1995, on the basis of our own spare parts and experience, we started the production of tractors under the trade name CRYSTAL. Crystal Tractor concentrates its production
on the components, which are widely used by other tractors manufacturers.

First Crystals with the power of 120, 155 and 180 HP were build on the Slovak components such as engine, transmission and the front axles and our own including rear axles, clutches, construction elements and design. Those Crystal tractors had the same technical parameters and look as URSUS, ZETOR and ZTS tractors.

In 2000, Crystal Tractor worked out its own new design and launched its own cabin, which after some technical modernisations is still used in production.

Technological development and increasing farmers’ demands has prompted our company
to apply modern technologies while constructing tractors. Since the end of the 90s we begun to produce a tractor with the power of 230 and 260 HP, entirely build on the German components which assured a high quality and greater functionality.

The latest ORION tractors are equipped with the Common Rail engine system, which has a very low gases emission, adhering to EURO III standards, low fuel consumption and long vitality and reliability. This engine has a high torque at the low revs and achieves great flexibility and power increase, due to the electronically regulated injection system.

Charge air supply system is protected with dual-stage air filter, whereas the fuel supply system is equipped with double filtering system with the water separator that signals the water presence in the fuel.

The main advantage of these engines is an application of the drive transfer system
of the German company - ZF. The gear box ensures high functionality and effectiveness of operation, because it has 36 or 40 shifts forward and 12 or 40 backward within the range of 0,3 – 50km per hour. The Power Shuttle system enables triple or quadruple gear change under the load and the change of driving direction without using a clutch.

Tractor is equipped with the creeping gears reducer, which allows to achieve very low speeds.

As a standard, tractors are equipped with the gear box control system and devices signalling and registering its operating functions, such as speedometer, display that shows the driving direction and the position of the chosen gear, and control system describing error codes. ORION tractors hydraulics is based on Bosch system with electro-hydraulic work regulation (EHR). This system enables an easy handling, great functionality and work effectiveness. Hydraulic pump output is 70 – 117 l/min at the pressure of 200bar, 8 quick release-couplings of external hydraulics with an option of flow regulation, afloat position, pressure blockage and time delay switch.

Rear three-point linkage - Walterscheid type has a lifting capacity from 6,2 to 10,5 tons and the hook endings. It is equipped with stabilizers with the work range thread regulations. Pneumatics has a single or dual-circuit that enables connecting either agricultural or car wagons.

As an option, tractors can be equipped with wagons’ breaks with the hydraulic breaking system.

Generally, tractors are equipped with automatically locked transport hitch with the fluent regulation of height position and the lower hitch - Piton-fix type. A great advantage of this tractors series is the use of the front axle with the central drive, which provides the large turn angle that makes the tractor well-reversible. Front axle has a traction control system, preventing from any damage of differential mechanism, due to automatic wheels lock after the turn and start after adjusting them. This system disconnects the functions if a tractor exceeds the speed of 20km per hour. As an option, the front axle can have hydraulic suspension.

Tractors have wet disc brakes on rear wheels and on front wheels indirectly. As an option they can have an independent braking system on four wheels.

Comfortable, spacious cabin with ergonomic location of controlling elements, ensures very good visibility. It is equipped with an air filter, sunroof, adjustable side and back windows, heating and A/C. It can be additionally equipped with hydraulic suspension and the passenger seat.

ORION tractors have a type-approval certificate that enables registering for two people.

Exhaust system and air suction are located along the cabin post, so as not to limit visibility. The use of engines with the Common Rail system has allowed to obtain a very low noise level inside the cabin.

ORION series is a modern tractor, built with tested components of renowned German companies, on the basis of which such firms as Same, Deutz Fahr, Fendt, Case, Lamborgini VALTRA produce their machines. This new line of tractors has been worked out for the customers, who are looking for tractors of an average and large power, characterizing with simple and convenient operation, ensuring reliability and large effectiveness at the same time.

After professional adjustment, all models of CRYSTAL ORION tractors can work either in the agriculture or the forestry and road services. Crystal is the only company in Poland that produce tractors with second rear drive system, applied in forestry. Due to technical development and the high quality components, ORION tractors adhere to high standards for tractors working in forestry.

Crystal Traktor company delivers authorized technical service and full access to spare parts, professional counseling and convenient crediting.

In order to obtain an appropriate customer service, our company wants to invite everyone, who is interested, to visit the company or use dial-up help with our professionals, who will present company’s detailed offer and answer all the questions.

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